Fall 2013 TV Show to Watch – Sleepy Hollow


Premieres September 16th at 9:00 (eastern) on FOX

Each year as summer nears a close, networks start promoting what they hope will be their newest TV cash-cow. For years networks have been trying to find “the new Lost” by greenlighting supernatural/futuristic/science fiction, character-driven, mythology heavy, serialized pilots. Shows like V, Flashforward, and Terre Nova with their large casts and flashback-driven character development failed to find their footing with audiences who don’t always want to commit to a lofty and abnormal premise.

Sleepy Hollow seems to be the best of both worlds. The story is recognizable enough (either through Washington Irving’s tale, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s 1999 film or some other medium) and therefore approachable to a general audience. It also adds an element of the supernatural that has been driving many movies and TV shows over the past few years, in this case: witchcraft. It can appeal to history lovers, literature buffs, people interested in the supernatural, resurrection, crime dramas and, let’s be honest, there’s bound to be a romance. It has a mythology without having to deal to smoke monsters (Lost), reptilian aliens in human form (V), alternate dimensions and realities (Fringe), or all the power in the world going out (Revolution).

Sleepy Hollow seems to offer the simplicity of a crime drama with complexity of a history and magic driven plot. Time will tell if relative newcomers Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison can lead the drama but with Once Upon a Time‘s suprising literary-fueled success, I have hope.

What do you think? Do you predict a hit or will it fizzle out before Christmas?


One thought on “Fall 2013 TV Show to Watch – Sleepy Hollow

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