Fall Season Countdown!!!!

It’s almost TV TIME!!!!! 

Although the summer season has been fun, I have to admit that I am SUPER excited for regular television to start up again.  Because we like to think our ourselves as pop culture mavens, we watch far more tv shows than is healthy or socially acceptable.  The DVR is an amazing invention, but I think it may also be evil.  It has stolen ALL of my downtime.  I almost miss the days when I could only ever watch one show per timeslot.  But that is no longer the case…now I can watch 4!!!  So what are we watching, you ask?  Well, we’ll tell you!  Please keep in mind there are two of us before you judge too harshly.  I promise we do sometimes remove ourselves from the couch.

Sunday: Once Upon a Time (8pm), Revenge (9pm), Boardwalk Empire (9pm)

Monday: Sleepy Hollow (9pm)*, Castle (10pm)

Tuesday: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (8pm)*, The Originals (8pm)*, The Biggest Loser (8pm), New Girl (9pm), Face Off (9pm), Person of Interest (10pm)

Wednesday: Arrow (8pm), Revolution (8pm), Modern Family (9pm), The Tomorrow People (9pm)*, American Horror Story (10pm)

Thursday: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (8pm)*, The Big Bang Theory (8pm), The Vampire Diaries (8pm), Reign (9pm)*, Elementary (10pm)

Friday: Grimm (9pm), Dracula (10pm)*

* Indicates a new series, which means it’s subject for removal.  If the shows suck miserably, why watch it?!  Our list will change up some come January, too, when the midseason starts.  WOMP. 

Speaking of new series, what are YOU most excited about?


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