OMFG Moment of the Week

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have called it quits!

Miley and Liam no more

I am normally not a slave to tabloid fanfare, but COME ON!  This is one relationship that was doomed from the start, and I for one have been waiting eagerly for the fallout.  And THANK THOR the day has finally come!!!!  After months of a reportedly on-and-off again relationship, the couple of four years is dunzo.  Liam has been good enough to let his ex-fiancee keep her $250,000 ring for sentimental reasons, but he doesn’t seem to be holding on to anything from that relationship.  He’s already been seen locking lips with a Mexican wannabe actress, Eiza Gonzalez, who’s only been in the States a few months.  Quick work, guys.  Hopefully he’s learned from his mistakes and is interesting in finding a mentally stable and balanced individual.  I mean, I know guys flock to the cray cray, but Miley has taken it to a whole new level, lately. 

The good news is, Miley has been trying so hard to convince everyone she’s an adult and now she can boast a tattered engagement.  She can’t quite have the Disney Crazy Bitch crown, though, until she has a 24 hour marriage, flashes her whoo-ha to the papparazi, or shaves off all her hair.  Granted, her new pixie cut is close…but not quite.

So in closing, CONGRATULATIONS LIAM!!!!  Now go get tested for all of us.  We want to make sure nutjob isn’t catching.

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