Dead doesn’t mean dead in Sleepy Hollow

Death was just the beginning. #sleepyhollow

I’m officially jumping on the Sleepy Hollow bandwagon (not that it means that it won’t get cancelled). Last night’s episode managed to be creepy, quirky and not, in my opinion, overly campy. Some of the exposition was a bit painful (for you non-English geeks, I’m referring to the background information deemed “essential” to the plot). At one point we meet Abbie’s ex who is less than friendly to Ichabod, an encounter which suggests that they’ll play the sexual-tension-card with Ichabod and Abbie. The pair interrogate each other on their love lives because, you know, they just met and that’s important. Ignoring that, Sleepy Hollow has potential for horror fans and, if the success of American Horror Story shows us anything, it’s that many of us do enjoy the macabre and the bizarre. Ratings did hold strong: last week had about 10 million viewers and this week brought in 8.5 million; more impressive is the ever-important key demos, which last week was 3.4 before final figures and was an impressive 3.1 last night. It could be that what really sold me is the scene picture above. It felt very Pushing Daisies to me and, considering the fact that the creators are connected to another of my all-time-favorites, Fringe, I really can’t help but root for this one.

Don’t forget, this week TV us rolling out a slew of season premieres. I’m looking forward to ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, CBS’s Person of Interest (today), NBC’s Revolution (Wednesday), CBS’s Elementary and both ABC’s Once Upon a Time and Revenge on Sunday.


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