Movie to wait for: Cinderella (2015)

Sneak peek of the new Cinderella!

Sneak peek of the new Cinderella!

In line with the current trend in Hollywood, Disney is putting out a live action Cinderella soon.  I’m sure they are banking on the same success that followed Snow White and the Huntsman and is still surrounding Once Upon a Time.  From what I hear, the story will be largely the same, but with some girl power twists.  Sounds good to me!  More good news: It’s directed by stage and screen maverick Kenneth Branagh (think any Shakespearean film or Thor).  It’s also starring Richard Madden (the late great Rob Stark) as Prince Charming.  Now THERE’S a prince I can swoon for!  If Lily James (anyone else thinking of Harry Potter here?  No?  Just me, then) falls ill, they can sign me up to play Rella!  The absolutely enchanting Helena Bonham Carter will be acting the part of the fairy godmother, surprising us all with such a goody goody turn after playing Ms. Bellatrix Lestrange (that’s two HP references, keep count!).  Annnnd rounding out this fabulous cast is Cate Blanchett and Stellan Skarsgard.  Sounds like it just my be a winner.  And Ms. James should watch out for her star to shine–the last actress to play our sooty princess was Anne Hathaway.  And look at her now!

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