Playing Casting Agent

With the success of Once Upon a Time, ABC execs have created an offshoot, premiering this fall called Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  As you might have guessed, it is centered around Alice and her adventures in Wonderland.  I’m sure we’ll see the writers’ own twisted approach, though.  They ARE the writers of Lost, after all.  The powers that be have let just enough information slip out to make sure all of our ears are pricked.  For example, we’ll see Naveen Andrews playing the infamous Jafar, and Alice will enjoy a love affair with the Genie of the Lamp.  I’m assuming he won’t be sporting the blue skin and portly belly of Robin Williams’ version.  But this has me thinking, every genie needs his Aladdin.  The following is a list of who I would cast in the iconic role.  Purists, please forgive me.  I spent HOURS searching for a 20 something Middle Eastern man to play the part, but I came up with nothing.  To my despair.



Option 1: Tyler Posey.  You may recognize him from Teen Wolf, if you’re as big of a nerd as I am.  Look at him!  He may not be of Arabic descent, but he looks like he could be!



Option 2: Mario Lopez.  Oooh!  Those dimples!  He can take me on his flying carpet anytime!  Obviously this would be an older King Ali, but you never know where those crazy writers might take the story.

darren criss


Option 3: Darren Criss.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’m really feeling an Aladdin vibe off of him.  And it would be nice to see him in a new role.

What are your thoughts??  Who would you want to see playing Aladdin?


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