7 Reasons Why I Love The Big Bang Theory


If you don’t watch TV’s best comedy (in my opinion), don’t feel bad—it took me a while to hop on the bandwagon, as well.  I avoided the show for five seasons, until I happened upon a rerun on TBS that changed my Thursday nights for good.  THE BIG BANG THEORY created a whole new world of television bliss for me.  Here are seven reasons why!

1. SHELDON.  This quirky, awkward, genius of a man makes The Big Bang Theory what it is.  He is hilarious, not because he means to be, but because he is so poorly suited to be around other humans.  He is obsessive-compulsive, whiny, needy, and incredibly egotistical and arrogant.  And did I mention he’s asexual?  Granted, I understand none of that sounds particularly funny, but that is the genius of Jim Parsons (3 time Emmy winner for playing Sheldon).  He is HYSTERICAL!!!!!

2. The hilarity.  If you can’t laugh at any given episode of this series, you are either blind, deaf, or, more likely, both.  The antics these characters get into…oy vey.

3. Geek culture.  I admit it, I am a geek.  My closest friends describe me as “geeky chic”.  I shall take that as a compliment.  I sure as hell can’t deny it!  When they discuss LotR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, superheroes, SyFy channel, etc. I generally know what they’re talking about.  It’s about time the geeks inherited the television screen!

4. Wacky relationships.  A vertically challenged supernerd and his uber sexy blonde actress of a girlfriend.  A boy and his incredibly overweight mother (that ala Wilson from Home Improvement, we never see).  A man who cannot speak to women AT ALL unless intoxicated.  Two roommates/best friends who share a friend and roommate agreement.  An atheist genius and his Bible-thumping southern mother.  A man and a woman bound in a sexless relationship by a contract.  These could not happen in real life!!!!

5. The Boys.  I love Sheldon times infinity.  But I adore the other guys, too.  Leonard is sweet and charming in an incredibly nerdy way, but he does not understand women and is constantly saying or doing the wrong thing.  Howard is a would-be womanizer turned married man who dresses like it’s 1972.  Rajesh is a suave Indian expat who only just became able to talk to women.  Together, with Sheldon, they are the besties all of us wish we had…almost.

6. The Gals.  Penney, our only non-genius is a gem.  She and Sheldon make the show.  She’s sweet and funny and will fully admit she’s not Einstein, but she lends some much needed streetsmarts and know-how to the gang.  Bernadette can put up with Howard, enough said.  She’s petite and busty and packs a ton of punch!  And then there’s Amy Farrah Fowler.  What a character.  She is a virgin who desperately wants to lose it to Sheldon, but of course he has no interest in such carnal practices.

7.  Feel Good Quality.  Perhaps the most important reason why I love the show is its feel good aspect.  I cannot finish an episode without a smile.  It’s my go-to for when I’m down and need to laugh.  I love it!

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I am one of those infamous 20 somethings, fresh out from under the college umbrella. I have always had a deep love for all things pop culture: movies, television, music, books, and (although I cringe to admit it to the nameless mass reading this) celebrity. Acting is my dream, although I currently need to pay off Uncle Sam before I can pursue my lifelong ambition. But that hasn't stopped my passion. I am also passionate about food, animals, and the environment. No, I am not a vegan. No, I do not want to be one. I like eggs. And cheese. They rock. I am TOTALLY open for suggestions, comments, and complaints. Feel free to harass me for my writing style or tell me how much you agree with me.

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