Life After the Chopping Block: Jericho

Jericho (2006-2008): This is a show I discovered on Netflix. How I didn’t know about it when it premiered in 2006 is an absolute mystery. As the story opens, Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) gets stuck in his hometown, tiny Jericho, Kansas after a mushroom cloud is seen in the distance over Denver, Colorado. The post-apocalyptic show follows the isolated Jericho’s fight for survival against neighboring towns and plunderers, a lack of food, water, electricity, medical supplies, information, and fuel. On the other end of the story is about the conspiracy surrounding the bombings (why and how the bombs were detonated). Season two deals a lot more with the politics and the issues with the new government, which isn’t exactly ideal. It turns from a story of survival to a story of freedom. Why was it cancelled? After a hard fight to get a second season (fans sent nuts in bulk to CBS, paying homage to a quote from the series), it was no real surprise that season two was the end. CBS said that it was a lack of viewership that doomed the show, even though obviously ardent fans were willing to fight for it. There was a question that five years was not long enough for the country to recover post-9/11 and get behind a show that was so similar in many ways. Some diehard fans even question whether or not cancellation had something to do with the whole premise of the show (namely, a corrupt government; keep an eye on Revolution as it is following a similar story line). I do love a good conspiracy theory, however far-fetched. Life After Death: Jericho found a home on Netflix where old fans and new fans, like me, can binge on the full series. The finale, unlike some cancellees, does give some degree of closure but, fair warning, if you make it to the end, you will want more. Fan did get a 6-issue season three substitute via comic book that was issued monthly starting November 2009. A season four equivalent 5-issue comic series was also written. There has been buzz on and off for much of the last year regarding negotiations with Netflix. The fact that it is taking so long is not promising at all. However, there has been no official statement to say that it is not happening. No harm in getting caught up just in case, right?

*Sorry for the lousy trailer. I can’t stand fan-made videos so this was the only option.

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6 thoughts on “Life After the Chopping Block: Jericho

  1. This year at Comic Con (July), Jericho’s Executive Producer confirmed that CBS and Netflix are still in negotiations. In August, CBS put Jericho’s production studio back under contract. The season 4 comic should be out by the end of the year and we hope it will include some news.

    • That’s great to hear! I’ve been keeping an eye on the IMDB message boards but there hasn’t been much news there. Just another reason why it breaks my heart every year that I’m not at Comic Con SD. I have a good feeling about the negotiations.

  2. I also didn’t discover this show until it was on Netflix. It’s such an amazing show and baffles me that it didn’t go past 2 seasons. I really hope Netflix makes a deal with CBS to renew the show.

    • I know! I binged the whole thing in a few days and told everyone I knew about it. It’s right in line with what’s popular right now. The apocalypse or upending of life as we know it is a big premise. It could totally come back with a vengeance!

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