New York in the 1930s: Me and Orson Welles

Me and orson welles poster

While this could be considered my being “behind the bandwagon”, I’m going to argue that I’m so far behind at this point, there’s no reason to jump on—the caravan has passed.  Regardless, this film is a gem and deserves to be commented on.  Because I have the privilege of owning a DVR, I can record and watch hundreds of movies.  Me and Orson Welles was one I’ve just recently gotten around to viewing—-but boy, I’m glad I did!

The film centers around a highschool student named Richard, who sweet-talks and lies his way into being a part of The Mercury Theatre’s production of Ceasar, starring none other than Orson Welles.  I can’t quite say it is a coming of age film, although that certainly occurs.  Richard, like many Americans, falls under Welles’ spell, despite the man’s numerous flaws (namely, his ego).  Along the way, he experiences his first love and his first real taste of the theatre, something that will obviously shape his future.

While the story is crisp and heartwarming, and Zac Efron does an amazing job portraying Richard, it is truly the cinematography, set, and costuming that won me over.  It really feels like Autumn in 1930s New York—it’s fabulous!  The way everyone talks is so charming, giving insight into a way of life that has completely gone by the wayside.  We talk faster now, and with less emphasis, because we’re in such a hurry and need to shout over everyone else who is trying to be heard.  This coming from a blogger is pretty humorous, I’m sure.

I also enjoyed the male-female dynamics in the film.  Women did not have nearly so much say back then, so they had to find other ways to get what they wanted in life.  Unfortunately, sex was often the answer.  Although, looking at Miley Cyrus, I’m not sure our gender has changed too awfully much in the past 75 years.  But regardless, this is certainly a film I’d want to see again, and I recommend to anyone.  Caveat emptor (buyer beware), however, it CAN move a little slowly for those who are action flick fanatics.

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