8 Days of Halloween

Casper (1995) is another nostalgic Halloween film.  The movie stars a young Devon Sawa as Casper the ghost (before his Final Destination debut), a kid who died too soon.  He and his crazy uncles haunt his old house, even when a new family moves in.  Undaunted by the ghosts who co-inhabit, paranormal expert James Harvey and his daughter Kat (Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci) carry on with the guys as if they’re friends.  And indeed, they become so….until they manipulate Harvey into dying and joining them.  Casper and Kat have to work together to save him and keep the crazy woman after immortality from exploiting all of them.

The film is full to bursting with camp, and I’m not going to lie, it’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen.  But it touches my heart and gets me ready for the Halloween season like nothing else (except maybe Count Chocula, which I can’t freaking find this year).

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I am one of those infamous 20 somethings, fresh out from under the college umbrella. I have always had a deep love for all things pop culture: movies, television, music, books, and (although I cringe to admit it to the nameless mass reading this) celebrity. Acting is my dream, although I currently need to pay off Uncle Sam before I can pursue my lifelong ambition. But that hasn't stopped my passion. I am also passionate about food, animals, and the environment. No, I am not a vegan. No, I do not want to be one. I like eggs. And cheese. They rock. I am TOTALLY open for suggestions, comments, and complaints. Feel free to harass me for my writing style or tell me how much you agree with me.

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