OMFG Moment of the Week



So technically, this was last week, sue me.  I didn’t watch the episode until yesterday, so it’s news to me!  For those of you who did not see the pilot episode of CW’s period drama, Reign, there was a suggestive scene of female masturbation.  The show centers on Mary Queen of Scots after she returns to the French court to finalize her engagement with the Dauphin of France, Francis.  This is a VERY loose retelling of history, but I can forgive it because it is such a welcome change for the teen-centric channel.  The self pleasure that has media buzzing occurs after Mary and her ladies in waiting spy on the bedding ceremony of Francis’ older sister and the future king of Spain.  All the girls experience different reactions, but one of them finds a deserted part of the castle to touch herself.  And even more shocking (to be seen on primetime, anyway) is that the King of France offers his hand (literally)!!!!

Now, hopefully none of you are so naive that you think women don’t masturbate.  What’s shocking about this is that a primetime channel showed it!  Well, they strongly suggested it was happening.  As Buzzfeed writer Kate Arhur writes, the writers originally had a longer, more descriptive scene in mind, which was eventually shortened to last Thursday’s episode.  Either way, yay rah for feminism and all that jazz.

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