6 Days of Halloween

The Little Vampire is an adorable family comedy-horror film based on the book series by the same name. The premise is basically a watered down version of Let the Right One In, only with a platonic relationship instead of a budding romance.  The film stars Jonathon Lipnicki of Stuart Little fame as Tony Thompson, an American child in Scotland who feels completely out of place.  Early on he meets Rudolph, a child vampire who quickly becomes his friend.  Their friendship is put to the test by Rudolph’s protective and suspicious family, the vampire hunter who knows the family is in the neighborhood, and Tony’s disbelieving family.

The film is heartwarming and funny and not the least bit scary to a grown-up, but I can see where some children could get the heeby-jeebies.  Because I’m the queen of 7 Degrees, I also enjoy connecting Rudolph’s sister Anna (played by Anna Popplewell) to The Chronicles of Narnia and Reign.

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I am one of those infamous 20 somethings, fresh out from under the college umbrella. I have always had a deep love for all things pop culture: movies, television, music, books, and (although I cringe to admit it to the nameless mass reading this) celebrity. Acting is my dream, although I currently need to pay off Uncle Sam before I can pursue my lifelong ambition. But that hasn't stopped my passion. I am also passionate about food, animals, and the environment. No, I am not a vegan. No, I do not want to be one. I like eggs. And cheese. They rock. I am TOTALLY open for suggestions, comments, and complaints. Feel free to harass me for my writing style or tell me how much you agree with me.

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