7 Days of Halloween

This is a little late, but it has been a busy weekend for both of us.  On with the review!

Sleepy Hollow (1999), is another personal favorite.  Yes I know, readers, it is another Burton film.  I told you, I have a bit of an obsession.  I refuse to seek help for it, so deal.  Starring Burton’s golden boy, Johnny Depp, Sleepy Hollow is a retelling of the classic tale by the American author Washington Irving.  It captures the creepy vibe of the fable with ease, and then some.  In this version, Depp plays Constable Ichabod Crane, a man with newfangled ideas about solving crimes, human nature, etc.  He has been sent to the town of Sleepy Hollow, where three people have been decapitated, and no suspect has been found.  He meets several strange characters, including Christina Ricci as Katrina Van Tassel, his love interest, and her mother Lady Van Tassel (played by Miranda Richardson).  Michael Gambon (ALBUS DUMBLEDORE) also makes an appearance as Mr. Van Tassel.  And we have Burton’s other favorite son, Christopher Walkin, as the Hessian/Headless Horseman.

This film is more creepy than scary, but like all other American children, I grew up with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, so it is a treat to see it on the big screen, however altered it may be from the original telling.  If you like this version, check out the more modern Sleepy Hollow television series on Fox!

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I am one of those infamous 20 somethings, fresh out from under the college umbrella. I have always had a deep love for all things pop culture: movies, television, music, books, and (although I cringe to admit it to the nameless mass reading this) celebrity. Acting is my dream, although I currently need to pay off Uncle Sam before I can pursue my lifelong ambition. But that hasn't stopped my passion. I am also passionate about food, animals, and the environment. No, I am not a vegan. No, I do not want to be one. I like eggs. And cheese. They rock. I am TOTALLY open for suggestions, comments, and complaints. Feel free to harass me for my writing style or tell me how much you agree with me.

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