Happy Halloween!!!

A day late, you say?  Oh no, not in Indiana!  In honor of the nonsense occurring in my state, I’m posting this last Halloween film a day late…just like all of the Hoosier trick or treaters going out in costume on November 1st.  And all over a little bit of rain.  Ok….maybe A LOT of rain.  Whatever.

Halloween (1978) is probably the most famed Halloween flick, largely due in part to their shared name.  Directed by John Carpenter, the independently made slasher film stars Jamie Lee Curtis in her breakout role as Laurie Strode.  Strode and her friends are terrorized by a crazy serial killer named Michael Myers (wearing a strangely spooky William Shatner mask), who recently escaped from the mental hospital he has been locked in since he murdered his sister at age six.  In line with the title of the film, the action takes place over the course of a single day: Halloween, which is also the day Michael Myers killed his sister 15 years ago. 

At this point, Halloween is a cult classic, and has spawned over 10 sequels over the years, which range from amazing to complete trash.  It has also inspired independent filmmakers to lean toward the horror genre, producing hits like Saw and Paranormal Activity.  The low budget aspect of the movie, as well as some of its themes (sexual morality and the fact that anyone who has sex dies, for example), are also still popular today.

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