Reign On

I have officially become obsessed with the CW’s hit show Reign.  The show’s third episode aired on Thursday, and it has me begging for more.  It’s definitely on the short list of tv shows I actively look forward to (joined by The Originals, American Horror Story, and Once Upon a Time, usually anyway).  This one may currently be in the top spot, however.  Historical inaccuracy aside, the show is FANTASTIC.  The blend of 14th century European people and settings, with more modern dress and music works so inexplicably well.  I’m in awe of the heroine, Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) and her tenacity in the face of squashed dreams, multiple enemies, and countless murder attempts.  I’m in love with Prince Francis (Toby Regbo), even though he’s blond and I normally go for the dark and sultry.  Like Bash (Torrance Combs), Francis’ bastard older brother.  Both guys are falling for Mary, because what is a CW show without a love triangle, and it is surprisingly interesting to watch.  Francis doesn’t want to love the woman he’s been betrothed to since he was six, but her spirit and charm are an undeniable turn on, felt equally by Bash.  But Bash knows he can never have her, so he plays down his feelings and does his best to make her feel at ease in the strange castle. 

On this past episode, a new suitor has cropped up to win her heart, Tomas of Portugal.  Scotland’s borders have been threatened by a massive number of English troops, and the King of France refuses to send any of his men to help, regardless of France and Scotland’s alliance.  Tomas swoops in and promises the troops in exchange for Mary’s hand.  Ooh so much romance and intrigue!  I love it!  It truly has everything.  Comedy, especially in the form of Mary’s silly and carefree ladies in waiting.  Romance, because EVERYONE on the show has a romance brewing…except perhaps Francis’ evil mother Catherine de Medici (Anne of Green Gables’ Megan Follows).  Horror: what is REALLY going on with the creepy Clarissa who haunts the castle, and who is behind the killings in the woods?  Military intrigues, because it is 1557 Europe, and the European Union is FAR from anyone’s minds (basically England is a bitch).  And I’m sure action is soon to come!

After watching this promo, I’m eager for this Thursday’s episode, “Hearts and Minds”.

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