Ship Shape: Bita’s Perspective

It has dawned on us that perhaps we should share a little bit more about ourselves.  Because we want to stick with our pop culture theme, we decided we’d show our true colors via who we choose to “ship”.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with fandom, “shipping” refers to the relationships (generally in book and tv series) you are a fan of.  It often gets pretty heated between differing shippers.  For example, in the Vampire Diaries fandom, you are either Delena (Elena/Damon) or Stelena (Elena/Stefan), and the rivalry gets pretty feisty.  Just check out the picture below to see how invested many people become in their favorite couple. Because between the two of us we watch half of what the television spits out, we thought you may want to know where we stand in these turbulent waters (shipping, waters, get it?).


Once Upon a Time: Hook and Emma.  No question.  I don’t even want to acknowledge Neil’s existence.  In fact, I still hate him for when he was the psycho fake Cajun Rene on True Blood.  Other than that I’m kind of meh.  At this point the other characters are pretty nonexistent anyway.

Revenge: Emily and Jack.  Although I won’t lie, I could be happy with Emily and Aiden, mostly because I’m in lust with him and don’t want him to be axed.  But I also kind of don’t trust him so….yeah.  As for Nolan (or as my friends and family will tell you I call him, “My Wittle Baby Nolan), I just want him to be happy.  And I do NOT think Patrick is the answer to that fragile equation.  I don’t trust him for a moment.  It seems I have trust issues when it comes to this show…

Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod and Abbie.  Icky’s wife Katrina is dead.  Get over it buddy, and go for the beautiful lieutenant by your side.  You ARE fated to save the world together.

The Originals/Vampire Diaries: I have some crossover shipping preferences here, so I’ll handle them together.  First and foremost, Klaus and Caroline (or Klaroline).  Tyler can go die.  Who cares about him?  Certainly not…anyone.  I also really don’t care about Elena and her love life.  She’s the least interesting person on the show, which is a shame because she’s the lead.  I’m kind of feeling a Stefan/Katherine pairing, though, which I guess leaves Damon for Elena, Queen of the Dramatics and General Whiny Brat.  I’m obsessed with Rebekah and Marcel, and have recently decided Elijah and Haley need to get together, which is interesting because until a few episodes ago I didn’t care about the pregnant werewolf (still a lame plot line, though).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Too soon to tell.  I’d like them to defy stereotypes and NOT pair the geek with the geek and the wildchild with her mentor.  Just saying.

Arrow: Ollie and Felicity are meant to be, but I’m OK with a little Green Arrow/Black Canary action until he realizes that.  Diggle needs a woman….I haven’t found anyone worthy of him.  Except maybe me.

The Tomorrow People: Too soon to tell.  But I want John for myself (yes I know, I already claimed Diggle, but this is my fantasy world, not yours, so you can’t tell me how to live in it!)

Revolution: I’m feeling some Charlie and Monroe action.  Is he  bit old for her?  Perhaps, but who really knows what anyone’s age on that show is, anyway?  And besides, look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Obviously Miles and Rachel are a given.  And I don’t care who Aaron is with as long as he’s happy 🙂

American Horror Story:  Doesn’t matter, they’ll all die anyway.

Reign: Mary and Francis.  It could be because history tells us they end up together anyway, but it could also be the star-crossed lover thing they’ve got going on.  If you’ve seen the show, you may be curious wtf I’m talking about.  I’ll elaborate.  No one REALLY wants them to get married, even though they’ve been engaged since they were six, so they fight the attraction they feel.  But it’s there.  Oh yes, it’s there.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:  I know that Alice and Cyrus are suuuuper in love.  But I sort of like the idea of her and Knave/Will Scarlett.  This could be because I think he’s amazingly cute, funny, and has that bad boy streak I love.

So those are my relationship preferences in a nutshell (well…on tv anyway).  What do you think?  Who are you shipping at the moment?  Feel free to drop a comment with your favorites!


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