Thor: The Dark World

thor the dark world poster


Date night at at the Studio Movie Grill (which is an amazing venue–if you have one in your area GO) and Thor was on the menu.  What a wonderful experience.  Yes, the theater choice helped, but honestly the movie would have been amazing in the middle of Typhoon Haiyan.  WOW.  In this Marvel installment, two years have passed since Jane Foster last saw Thor.  He’s spent the time righting all the problems in the nine worlds, while his “evil” brother Loki has been locked away in Asgardian prison.  When Jane gets infected by a dark energy known as Aether, a race of dark elves are awoken and try to use the Aether to plunge the universe into darkness.  To defeat them, Thor must enlist the help of his brother, as well as Jane and her ragtag group of physicists.

There really isn’t anything I can think of to change in this film, which is truly saying something because I felt like the last Thor movie was a little lacking.  The cinematography was astounding.  Because much of the movie takes place in Asgard, we our eyes get a delicious treat.  Whoever came up with the design of the city/planet is an absolute genius.  There were touches that made me think of Rivendell, but not so much that it felt like a copy.  It was beautiful.  We were introduced to more characters, albeit a little briefly, including the Asgardian warrior that Thor’s father wants him to marry.  Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, is still a little too wonky to be believable, but she and Chris Hemsworth have mad chemistry, so whatever.  I kind of wish the Aether would have turned her slightly evil ala Jean Grey’s transformation into the Phoenix, but I understand why they steered away from that.  The movie was already 2 hours long.  It was not overlong, however.  The action was well-paced, the story flowed marvelously, and we had equal parts action, humor, romance, and suspense.  Well done, Marvel/Disney, well doe.

My FAVORITE aspect of the film was the masterful Tom Hiddleston, playing Loki.  What a complex character that little devilish god is!  He played the comic relief in the film, and shockingly was not the big bad this time around.  Although (SPOILER ALERT) methinks he’ll whip out his naughty side quite soon.  Best scene of the film?  His walk with Thor, where he uses his power of illusion to change Thor into a woman and himself into Captain America, among other things. Hilarious!!!

Tip for the Marvel enthusiasts, there are TWO credit specials in this film, so stick around til the very end 🙂

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