Behind the Bandwagon: 2013 Emmy Awards


I know, I know, the Emmy’s aired on Sunday night.  SOME of us, however, have jobs outside the Monday thru Friday 9-5 structure.  But thanks to the holy genius who invented DVR, I got to watch it a few days late.  However, the freaking show went over AGAIN and I missed the two biggest awards of the night.  But it is 2013, afterall, so I just looked that crap up online 🙂

My impressions: NPH as a host is pure gold (as opposed to the surely plated awards).  I loved all the tongue-in-cheek gay references thrown in throughout the show.  I LOVED the choreographers’ showpiece toward the end.  It honestly made my night, and made up for the completely pointless “Number in the Middle of the Show”.  Yes, Neil, my darling, I get that the point was to be pointless.  But you were AT the awards.  I watched it three days later and your stupid song and dance lost me the Best Comedy and Best Drama series.  So thanks.

When it comes to the awards themselves, I was ashamed to realize that apparently, according to the mysterious Academy, I do not watch the best shows on television.  I have never seen Breaking Bad, Nurse Jackie, or Veep.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s in-character acceptance speech was therefore lost on me.  Once I realized wtf, I was humored and impressed.  At first view, though, I was rocking the “huh?” face.  I was THRILLED, however, as well as brought to tears, when the lovely and talented Jim Parsons accepted his third consecutive win for lead actor in a comedy series.  What a gem.  I was also pleased (after trolling Google) to learn that Modern Family nabbed best comedy.  Well, duh.

So what were everyone else’s impressions?  Were you pleased with the results?  Enraged?  Completely indifferent?  I know I for one will have to check out Veep.  I’m too far behind for Breaking Bad, and Nurse Jackie just does not look that freaking interesting.  Isn’t it just Grey’s Anatomy with HBO issues instead of PG-13 ones?


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