Behind the Bandwagon: Pacific Rim

pacific rim

Everyone has been talking about this “epic” action flick called Pacific Rim.  All my best buds, at least, have spent the summer trashing the sure-fire hit Man of Steel in favor of the sleeper phenom Pacific Rim.  But I have been dubious.  It looked like a mindless action escape with crazy Godzilla creatures fought by Iron Man on steroids, both with dumb names.  So I resisted.  But I finally gave in and BOY was I surprised.

SHOCKER!!!  Pacific Rim was actually good.  In fact, it was great!  So I am chasing after the bandwagon a few months late, trying to jump on.  Unfortunately, it would appear there are several sceptics out there, since the film was not the Box Office giant it should have been.  Allow me to convert you poor, deluded masses.  Below follows a breakdown of the movie’s awesomeness.

40% Godzilla.  And I’m not talking cheesy Matthew Broderick Godzilla.  I’m talking real live ohmygeez action and terror.  Which makes sense, since Guillermo del Toro co-wrote the screenplay and directed it.  That SOB sure knows how to get into a girl’s nightmares and bring out all the creepy crawlies (you doubt?  Go watch Pan’s Labyrinth).

40% Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  NORMALLY that would be an insult.  But seriously, it’s not.  I’m raving about this film.  This is the Power Rangers like my child mind envisioned them years ago, not the corny tv show my adult mind sees now.  Two soldiers hop into these MASSIVE robot creatures and control them with their own movements.  Wow.  It makes my legs tired just thinking about it.

15% Armagaeddon.  A small group of ex-military have to pool their resources to save the world from certain destruction.  Using machines and (kind of) drilling into the earth.  I can’t give away more than that or I’ll ruin some of the movie.  Sorry.

5% Avatar.  A neural handshake?  That sounds something totally Avatar-esque.  In fact, I can feel James Cameron incorporating it into Avatar 2 as we speak.  There is also the whole terraforming aspect.  Although in this case, the humans are the victims…not some uber cool blue creatures.

100% sexy mancandy.  I mean COME ON LADIES, the newly cast Christian Gray is the lead.  Enough said. 

You put it all together and you’ve got one incredibly interesting and unexpectedly awesome film.  I was drawn into in a way I never would have expected.  You’ve got action, suspense, horror, comedy in all of its various forms, and a smidge of romance thrown in to please the ladies (although, honestly, the 973 delicious men are enough to please any straight, bi, or curious female).  So go see it, unconvinced reader, and discover for yourself what we converts have already delighted in.  The rekindled MAGIC of the movies.  This isn’t some sequel or half-baked rom-com.  It is something completely new and magical and just plain fab-fucking-tabulous.  Go see it.  Please.  For me.  If you hate it, well… won’t.


2 thoughts on “Behind the Bandwagon: Pacific Rim

  1. People understand this movie overseas, but here in America everyone seems to think it’s a bad Transformers knockoff. And who can blame them after the advertising campaign the film was saddled with? I’m SO glad there are people like you out there who gave this movie a chance and recognized its greatness. Despite the fact that it’s already gone from theaters, and a lot of people tragically missed the chance to watch it on a big screen, its following will grow.

  2. I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about this movie but that’s, of course, because it’s hard to see quality in a movie that looks like it’s supposed to be all action. Plus, thanks trailers, I never knew what it was about. Of course this from the girl who refused to watch The Lord of the Rings only to fall in love with it a few years later. I’m definitely going to check it out.

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