Behind the Bandwagon: The Bling Ring


Sofia Coppola’s most recent film, The Bling Ring,  was released in theaters this past June.  Like many of Coppola’s films, it was met with mixed reviews.  While it was certainly not as captivating as The Virgin Suicides, I still very much liked it.  The movie is based on the Hollywood Hills heists that took place in 2008 and 2009.  The stark sets, close camera angles, and natural dialogue give the film a documentary feel that lends to the “based on a real story” premise.  Although the relatively unknown Katie Chang plays the ring leader of the group (a cold, calculating, and incredibly manipulative little brat), it is Emma Watson who steals the show.  Her character is so atypical of the Hermione we’ve come to know and love….and it’s great!  Nicki is a spoiled little slut who is so used to getting her way, it doesn’t even phase her to break into celebrities’ homes and rob them blind.  She wants it, she takes it.  They all do.  Over and over and over again.  The heists get bigger and the thieves brag louder.  That is, until they’re caught (largely due to their outrageous Facebook photos).

The movie is a commentary both on the youth of today and our nation’s fascination with celebrity.  The upcoming generation of teens are portrayed as spoiled and bratty, but who can blame them when they’re allowed to do as they please and are given very little supervision.  To add to that, they see their  role models on the cover of magazines partying, going to rehab constantly, and ending up in jail.  And the attention they get for it makes it all look incredibly glamorous.  It’s incredible to behold and The Bling Ring shows how it can end up going to extremes.

Best part of the movie: Paris Hilton has a cameo, and let the crew shoot in her house, which in real life was the one most often hit.  Come on, celebs, LOCK YOUR DOORS!  And seriously, invest in surveillance.

Interested?  Check out the trailer for more on the movie!


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