Behind the Bandwagon: R.I.P.D.



R.I.P.D.  the latest from both Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, premiered earlier this summer.  I’m sure it was marketed at a big summer blockbuster, and probably could have been except for the large dose of camp.

The movie follows Nick (Reynolds) who has just died after being shot by his partner Hayes, played by Kevin Bacon.  Because he was a slightly dirty cop, he has been given the choice to work for the Rest In Peace Department for 100 years, or take his chances at judgement.  Because he would be working in his hometown of Boston, he takes the job, eager to be near his wife.  He gets partnered with Roy (Bridges) who has been at the job for a good long while, due to multiple extensions for bad behavior.  He’s a remnant of the Old West and talks with a wad of something in his mouth that makes it impossible to understand a word.  Roy teaches Nick the ropes, including the fact that the living and “deados” (dead people who have escaped judgment and are living on Earth in disguise) see them as their aliases—a hot woman and old Chinese man.  The pair light upon a plot within the deado community that would allow them to reverse judgement day and remain on Earth.  Basically, the dead would inherit the world.  The leader of the plot is none other than Nick’s former partner Hayes, who is in fact a deado.

The movie is about as good as it sounds.  There’s some hilarious slapstick and some big explosions for those that like them, but everyone is a two-dimensional caricature and there are some huge plot holes.  I understand the story began as a comic.  Perhaps it works in that format, but as a movie it falls incredibly flat.  There’s just nothing about the film that makes you want to root for the characters or care what happens.  Just pure eye candy.  Want a grade? D, and that’s being generous….

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