The 5th Day of Christmas

Was yesterday, I know.  So sue me.  I had a Christmas party to get to!

Joyeux Noel (2005) is an underrated and little known film about a true story that occured during WWI.  Yes, I realize that does not sound like a Christmas story, but trust me, it is!  Joyeux Noel is French for Merry Christmas.  The film is subtitled 1/3 of the time, since it follows the lives of French, German, and Scottish soldiers who become united on Christmas Eve 1914.  In a miraculous case of cease fire (that is making me tear up just THINKING about it), the soldiers from three very different cultures, and both sides of the war join together to learn about their fellow man and NOT commit murder on one of the most sacred of nights. 

Starring Diane Kruger in her native German tongue, and several madly talented people you’ve never heard of but wish you had, this movie is one everyone should see.  There are elements of action and war, as well as romance, humor, drama, and a whopping dose of humanity.  And the best part is that it’s based on a true story!  Seriously, put this on your list of movies to check out.

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I am one of those infamous 20 somethings, fresh out from under the college umbrella. I have always had a deep love for all things pop culture: movies, television, music, books, and (although I cringe to admit it to the nameless mass reading this) celebrity. Acting is my dream, although I currently need to pay off Uncle Sam before I can pursue my lifelong ambition. But that hasn't stopped my passion. I am also passionate about food, animals, and the environment. No, I am not a vegan. No, I do not want to be one. I like eggs. And cheese. They rock. I am TOTALLY open for suggestions, comments, and complaints. Feel free to harass me for my writing style or tell me how much you agree with me.

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