OMFG Moment of the Week


JUSTIN BIEBER.  I can’t pick just one ridiculous thing that’s happened this week concerning him.  He drag raced in his residential neighborhood under the influence of pot and pills.  Just kidding, no he didn’t.  He fled the country when let out on parole.  Or did he?  There is so much speculation and gossip surrounding the kid that I’m just about over it.  I wish the rest of America was, too.


Paul Walker, RIP


Paul William Walker IV, born in Glendale, California on September 12, 1973 passed away yesterday evening.  Walker, best known to the world as the actor who played Det. Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise, was on his way to a charity event with a friend when the vehicle he was riding in spun off the road and crashed into a tree, sparking a veritible inferno on contact.  Walker was not driving, although the fact that the action star died in a car accident is incredibly ironic.  The latest movie in the Fast franchise, Fast & Furious 7 is in production, and it is unclear how the studio will handle the loss.  Currently, according to a source, production will continue, and the movie is still slated for a July 2014 release.  It will be interesting to see how fans react to the movie.  The franchise has earned over $2 billion worldwide, so it obviously has a solid fan base, and I’m sure many others will turn out for the macabre effect.  Just look what happened with The Dark Knight after Heath Ledger’s death.  Although admittedly this is a completely different caliber of film.

Paul Walker will be remembered for his numerous film roles.  Although he began acting in series, soaps and commercials at a young age, it was not until the late 90s that his career began to take off.  From small roles in Pleasantville, Varisty Blues, and She’s All That to featured roles in The Skulls, Joyride, Into the Blue, Timeline, Eight Below and of course the franchise that made him famous The Fast and the Furious.  As much as fans will mourn the actor, Twitter is going crazy with celebs mourning the man.  No matter which Paul Walker you identify with, though, it is still a loss.  Rest in peace, sir.

OMFG Moment of the Week

It WAS going to be Indiana’s absurd decision to postpone Halloween, but in light of the shootings at LAX today, I think I have changed my mind. 

This morning, a man my age (early 20s) named Paul Ciancia entered LAX and opened fire as he shoved his way through a TSA checkpoint.  Planes were grounded for most of the day, as the nations 3rd busiest airport was shutdown.  They’ve since opened terminals 1 and 2, although 3 is still closed.  One TSA agent was killed, and several people were wounded in the shooting.  Ciancia was shot outside of a restaurant by the police pursuing him through the airport.  Many people are shocked and devastated by this event.  I myself find it sad, but not as surprising as it should be.  Ciancia was carrying an AR-15 that was concealed in a bag.  Why our lawmakers mind it acceptible for civilians to be able to carry assault rifles is baffling to me.  What could they possibly need such a powerful weapon for?  They’re not hunting game, since that kind of weapon is unsportsmanlike.  They may be protecting themselves from intruders, but they could just as easily do so with a less frightening power arm.  This is the type of weapon often used in mass murder, probably due to its ability to cause a large amount of chaos with ease.  Thus, in my opinion, the only reason a civilian would carry such a weapon would be for hunting man.  Despicable.

For more on the incident, click here.

7 Degrees of Shailene Woodley

2010 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals


In the onslaught of new movies based on books, keep your eye out for Shailene Woodley and the men who surround her.  Ansel Elgort plays her love interest in The Fault in Our Stars, and her brother in Divergent.  Miles Teller plays her love interest in The Spectacular Now, and her enemy in Divergent.  Looks like Divergent is the meet cute for the young males in Hollywood.  I guess we should be on the lookout for Theo James and Ben Lloyd-Hughes next!

OMFG Moment of the Week


MACAULAY CULKIN IS BACK!!!!  He made a rare appearance at the Robot Chicken panel during the 2013 NYC Comic Con on October 11.  He’s back, folks, and he’s looking better than ever!  Although there was never confirmation on the drug rumors circulating last year, there is no denying the fact that he looked incredibly gaunt and unhealthy.  Obviously, a year can make a lot of inpact.  Mac is looking great and apparently was cracking jokes and flashing smiles at the panel.  Thank goodness.  America loves a comeback (don’t believe me?  Check out Robert Downey, Jr., Drew Barrymore, and Britney Spears), so maybe we’ll see some more of this darling child star.  He won’t be home alone for much longer!

Want more info?  Check out the link below!

Popcorn bad for advertising? I’ll bite…

Apparently researchers have shown that chewing popcorn while watching the pre-movie commercials and, presumably, trailers, is bad! It has to do with the inability to practice “inner speech” while eating. Click here for more details. Personally, I don’t pay attention to the commercials regardless of whether or not I’m munching. That’s one of the reasons I don’t tend to go to the movie alone, so I can chat. But I do tend to forget some details of trailers–which I try to pay close attention to. It’s a interesting study. Can you imagine advertisers encouraging you not to buy candy or popcorn?

OMFG Moment of the Week


The terrorists in the Kenyan mall attack on Sunday used TWITTER to brag about their brutality.  WTF?!  What kind of world are we living in where terrorists are using social media to spread news of the bloodbath they are creating?!  It is so incredibly sick.  No offense meant to Twitter, of course.  They got on it and deleted the terrorists’ account once they realized what was going on. 

I’m not much of a Twitter fan, to be honest.  Not because of the terror tweets, but because of tweets in general.  To me, it’s one constant status update.  This latest incident just happened to be a more negative and terrifying update than normal. 

What do you think of the role of social media in today’s more negative news events?  Do the pitfalls of social media overweigh the positives?  Could the world being more connected actually be a bad thing?