OMFG Moment of the Week

JUSTIN BIEBER IS RETIRING!!!!  Or so he says….

In a recent interview with a Los Angeles radio host, Justin Bieber dropped the bombshell that he is quitting music.  Earlier this week, on Christmas Eve, he reiterated the sentiment in a series of tweets, saying that he’s “officially retiring”.  I’m sure there are millions of Beliebers crying underneath their Christmas trees, but I for one think this is the best Christmas present he could give the world!  The question remains whether or not his retirement is legit.  He could be pulling our legs, like he has done with other pranks before.

Here’s to hoping he’s telling the truth.  I will admit that he’s got some catchy songs out there, and I know more than a few lyrics.  But Usher’s little prodigy has turned into a world class d-bag.  So good riddance  Bye bye, Bieber.  Deuces.


Behind the Bandwagon: 2013 Emmy Awards


I know, I know, the Emmy’s aired on Sunday night.  SOME of us, however, have jobs outside the Monday thru Friday 9-5 structure.  But thanks to the holy genius who invented DVR, I got to watch it a few days late.  However, the freaking show went over AGAIN and I missed the two biggest awards of the night.  But it is 2013, afterall, so I just looked that crap up online 🙂

My impressions: NPH as a host is pure gold (as opposed to the surely plated awards).  I loved all the tongue-in-cheek gay references thrown in throughout the show.  I LOVED the choreographers’ showpiece toward the end.  It honestly made my night, and made up for the completely pointless “Number in the Middle of the Show”.  Yes, Neil, my darling, I get that the point was to be pointless.  But you were AT the awards.  I watched it three days later and your stupid song and dance lost me the Best Comedy and Best Drama series.  So thanks.

When it comes to the awards themselves, I was ashamed to realize that apparently, according to the mysterious Academy, I do not watch the best shows on television.  I have never seen Breaking Bad, Nurse Jackie, or Veep.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s in-character acceptance speech was therefore lost on me.  Once I realized wtf, I was humored and impressed.  At first view, though, I was rocking the “huh?” face.  I was THRILLED, however, as well as brought to tears, when the lovely and talented Jim Parsons accepted his third consecutive win for lead actor in a comedy series.  What a gem.  I was also pleased (after trolling Google) to learn that Modern Family nabbed best comedy.  Well, duh.

So what were everyone else’s impressions?  Were you pleased with the results?  Enraged?  Completely indifferent?  I know I for one will have to check out Veep.  I’m too far behind for Breaking Bad, and Nurse Jackie just does not look that freaking interesting.  Isn’t it just Grey’s Anatomy with HBO issues instead of PG-13 ones?

Exclusive Reign Sneak Peek: Is Francis About to Choose a Mistress Over Mary?!

DRAMARAMA!!!!! I can’t wait. I love my not-so-guilty pleasure show 🙂 And goodness knows, if the Colts play anything like they did Sunday, THIS is what I’ll be watching. I can’t take that kind of heartbreak twice in one week….


Looks like the honeymoon is over for Reign‘s Mary and Francis — and they’re not even married yet.

Olivia, one of the prince’s exes, returns to court in this Thursday’s episode of the CW drama (airing at 9/8c). And as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak preview, Mary does. not. like. that. one. bit.

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According to the episode’s official synopsis, all of this mistress talk sends the teen queen to seek comfort in Francis’ half-brother, Bash. Interesting.

Press PLAY on the video below to watch Mary and Francis do a pretty mean impression of the sitting French king and his bitter wife. Does this kind of situation foretell a bleak future for the young royals?

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Trailer Tuesday: X-Men: Days of Future Past

OMG I’m so excited! This is the movie I’ve been waiting for since I first watched X-Men: First Class! And it doesn’t look like it will disappoint 🙂

Sidenote: Do my eyes deceive me, or is Bobby/Iceman fighting for Magneto this time around???

The Love Pirate

Days of Future Past

Welcome to “Trailer Tuesday” where I talk about trailers for upcoming movies, since I’ve always found trailers to be endlessly fascinating.

Those of you who saw Thor: The Dark World last weekend were treated to an unusual trailer for the next X-Men movie.  It’s a trailer that’s different than what I expected, which I think serves it well.  Take a look, and read on for my thoughts:

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11 Days of Halloween!


Trick ‘r Treat, a 2007 film starring Anna Paquin, is a personal favorite of mine.  It’s got a little bit some something for everyone.  The film weaves five different stories together.  One centers on Anna Paquin’s character: a college virgin who may have finally met the right guy for her.  Another features a group of middle schoolers who take a prank way too far.  The next is about a high school principle cum serial killer.  One tells the story of a young couple: one who loves Halloween and the other who hates it.  And the last story is about a recluse who gets a surprise from a very interesting trick or treater.  Do not be fooled by my mild summary—this film packs several spooky punches!  It may not be a classic slasher film (those will come later, don’t worry) but it is certain to be a Halloween staple for years to come!

OMFG Moment of the Week

So normally I try to keep away from the personal posts—you don’t know me!!!  However, this week has been a little bit of a letdown, pop culture-wise, anyway.  I’m sure you’re wondering why I am not blogging about the epic government shutdown, but the answer is I just don’t care.  The only way I would have been affected is if they kept the national parks closed.  But they are now reopened, so Congress can try to stall the Dems out for as long as they want!  (as a side note, I am terribly appalled that many federal workers are out of a job while the people CAUSING the problem are still sitting high on the hog…but I’ll say no more on this subject)

My OMFG moment of the week is MUCH more cool than a gov’t shutdown.  I MET NICK OFFERMAN!!!!!  And I do not mean that I simply saw him, I MET him.  He shook my hand, introduced himself, we had polite chitchat, and he remembered my name for the next three days.  I should probably let you know that I work as a concierge in a luxury hotel, where Mr. Offerman and the rest of the cast of Parks and Recreation stayed during an on-site shoot.  Let me just say, he is capital A-mazing!  He is nothing like his infamous Ron Swanson.  Instead, he is sweet, kind, and very soft-spoken and laid-back.  What a pleasant surprise and utter delight.  I’ve never been so excited to work in hospitality in my entire life!  As a side note, I also met Adam Scott (who seemed very confused by life, but in an incredibly endearing sort of way) and saw Amy Poehler.  She is much tinier in every way than one would imagine.  She is 5 foot tops, and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet.  And she is another example of a laid-back and personable celebrity.  I wish all the other stars who cross my lobby would be so friendly….