The Grey: Liam Neeson vs. The Wolves from Twilight

The Grey (2011) starring Liam Neeson is a survival thriller that takes place in the Alaskan Wild.  It’s like Into the Wild with rabid, monstrously oversized wolves.  The film follows the story of six oil riggers who survive a deadly plane crash in middle of nowhere, Alaska.  They have to battle hunger, debilitating coldness, and oh yeah HUGE man-eating wolves.  Neeson’s Ottway becomes the defacto leader of the group, since back at camp his job was to kill the wolves before they got to the workers.  Outrageous fantasy aside (no, dear reader, there are no wolves that behave like this in reality), the movie isn’t half bad.  Liam Neeson shows some grit, as always, and as the wolves pick the pack of men off one by one we get some killer action scenes.  But there’s a lot of fleshing out that just isn’t done, and should have been, since the movie is just shy of 2 hours long.  We know very little, if anything, about most of the six guys.  We get glimpses of Ottway’s past, but they aren’t really important and don’t amount to much. Essentially, the film is all about the action, but beyond that it just isn’t very colorful (aren’t I punny).