Warm Bodies: Just As Fun the Second Time

Warm Bodies (2013) can’t really be categorized under our Behind the Bandwagon section, because I’ve already seen it.  However, I can attest that it is just as good the second time.  Sure, you don’t get as many gasps and jumps, since you know they are coming, but you can further appreciate the allusions to Romeo and Juliet and all the heart that pumps through the film.

The film stars Nicholas Hoult of X-Men and Skins fame as R, a zombie who has not completely lost the ability to feel.  He takes no joy from eating people, but does so to survive.  He even eats the boyfriend of the human woman he falls in love with, Julie, played by Teresa Palmer.  Of course, Julie is terrified by R at first, since he is, after all, a zombie.  He wins her over slowly but surely, and the love spark between them proves to be a healing measure for the rest of Zombiedom.  But can they convince the rest of the humans in time?

Packed with humor, romance, action, and a few scares, Warm Bodies is an unexpected, and original treasure.  Sure, it’s based on a book like half of New Hollywood,  but it’s a slightly more unconventional book.  A modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, set after a zombie apocalypse.  If you look closely, you can see the caricatures of other R & J characters, such as Mercutio (M, a fellow zombie, in the film) and Paris (Perry, Julie’s murdered bf).  The movie has a healthy dose of camp, but I think it’s doing it on purpose, and it works.  Best of all?  It has John Malkovich!  I give it a B+.