OMFG Moment of the Week


JUSTIN BIEBER.  I can’t pick just one ridiculous thing that’s happened this week concerning him.  He drag raced in his residential neighborhood under the influence of pot and pills.  Just kidding, no he didn’t.  He fled the country when let out on parole.  Or did he?  There is so much speculation and gossip surrounding the kid that I’m just about over it.  I wish the rest of America was, too.


OMFG Moment of the Week

JUSTIN BIEBER IS RETIRING!!!!  Or so he says….

In a recent interview with a Los Angeles radio host, Justin Bieber dropped the bombshell that he is quitting music.  Earlier this week, on Christmas Eve, he reiterated the sentiment in a series of tweets, saying that he’s “officially retiring”.  I’m sure there are millions of Beliebers crying underneath their Christmas trees, but I for one think this is the best Christmas present he could give the world!  The question remains whether or not his retirement is legit.  He could be pulling our legs, like he has done with other pranks before.

Here’s to hoping he’s telling the truth.  I will admit that he’s got some catchy songs out there, and I know more than a few lyrics.  But Usher’s little prodigy has turned into a world class d-bag.  So good riddance  Bye bye, Bieber.  Deuces.