The New Manbat

The interwebs are currently aflame regarding Zack Snyder’s choice of Batman for the 2017 sequel to Man of Steel.  While Ben Affleck is undoubtably a talented writer/director, his acting projects have been both undeniable hits and cringe-worthy misses.  NO ONE, it would seem, is ready to forgive or forget Daredevil or Gigli.  But what people cannot seem to remember is that his more recent work shows off some real acting chops.  The Town, The Company Men, and Argo all show a darker side of Mr. Affleck.  Will he be able to top Christian Bale?  Probably not, but name me a single actor who can.  Still thinking?  That’s what I thought.

Affleck certainly has the charisma required to play Bruce Wayne.  Embodying the Caped Crusader will obviously require more effort.  But so what?  Let’s give the guy a chance, people.  It’s bad enough he’s following in Christian Bale’s footsteps…I mean, who would want to be in his shoes?!  No one held out much hope for Iron Man five years ago, and look what’s happened.  Robert Downey, Jr. has a relaunched career, and the film has spawned several different franchises.  What everyone needs to focus on is that BATMAN AND SUPERMAN WILL BE IN A MOVIE TOGETHER!  Ummm…YAY!!!!!!

So come on, fangirls and fanboys.  Let’s put this on the back burner until 2017.  If Affleck turns out to be an awful Batman (not a less freaktastic version than Bales, because that’s unavoidable…but legitimately vomitous), we can start grabbing the torches and pitchforks.  But until then, chill.